OSCE PA leaders urge peaceful resolution of unrest in Kazakhstan

COPENHAGEN, 6 January 2022 – OSCE PA President Margareta Cederfelt (MP, Sweden) and Special Representative on Central Asia Pia Kauma (MP, Finland), today expressed concern over recent developments in Kazakhstan, deplored the loss of life, and called upon all sides to exert restraint, refrain from the use of violence and resort to dialogue to resolve grievances.

“I am following the developments in Kazakhstan with concern, and remind all parties of the need to refrain from violence, pursue dialogue and respect fundamental freedoms,” said President Cederfelt. “It’s important to support a peaceful solution, and as a strong proponent of the OSCE, it is essential that Kazakhstan abides by OSCE commitments.”

Special Representative Kauma, who also serves as OSCE PA Vice-President, deplored the loss of life on both sides and urged all sides to refrain from further escalation.

“I condemn the use of violence and call upon all sides to de-escalate, engage in dialogue and utilize democratic institutions,” Kauma said. “A peaceful resolution of the current state of emergency must be found, with full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms including peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. I stand ready to facilitate engagement with all sides.”

Kauma and Cederfelt have also discussed pursuing additional courses of action including facilitating dialogue within the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, and reminded all parties that the OSCE remains a vital forum for resolution of disputes.

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