Pia Kauma – Uusimaa National Coalition Party (EPP)

Pia Kauma. London, 2017.

Member of Parliament from Uusimaa. MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Member of the City Council in Espoo.

Several years of leadership experience in the private sector. Married with four children.

”Fiscal discipline, moderate income tax rate, freedom to choose and investments in education, the environment and welfare create the basis for the future of our children.”

Jobs and income

Society should always encourage its inhabitants to work rather than be idle. Whether Finland succeeds or not depends on our hard work, on entrepreneurship and on education.

The excessive influence of trade unions needs to be fixed – we need more flexibility and dynamism in our labour markets to create new jobs and opportunities. For example, we could reform our current unemployment funds to better support individuals in finding new jobs.


We as politicians need to make sure that everyone feels safe in our society.

Climate change should be tackled with balanced, effective actions in coordination with other countries.

Living a good life

Everyone should have quick access to high quality healthcare and support when the need arises.

Humanity and quality should be the values that drive our public services.

We can improve our wellbeing by taking care of our environment and by providing sporting opportunities and cultural activities for everyone.

International dimension

Finland is an integral part of the European Union and the global community. As a small country, we should actively work to uphold the rules-based international order and keep promoting Western, democratic values, such as equality and freedom of expression.

Sustainable solutions – with focus on people

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