Pia Kauma – Number 36, Espoo

”Fiscal discipline, a moderately low municipal tax rate, freedom to choose and investments in education, the environment and welfare create the basis for the future of our children.”


  • Speed up the renovation of local schools

    New efficiency and quality in construction projects.

  • Excellent care for senior citizens

    Home care and nurses should be supported.

  • More sportsgrounds and park spaces

    Rantaraitti and our cost-free Sports Card for people over 68 years old have been well received.

  • Let’s stop interfering with driving!

    Mom and dad should not be sitting stuck in traffic. Let’s make school routes and cycling safer in Espoo.

  • Education is a priority

    The city of Espoo is number one in Finnish PISA scores. Every child’s strengths should be cultivated.

  • Family doctors could be the way forward

    We have already cut queues in basic health care. Still, we must constantly invest in improving our services and finding new solutions.

As a member of the Finnish Parliament, I represented the region of Uusimaa for the National Coalition Party. I worked as a member of the Commerce and the Constitutional Law Committees. In addition to being part of the Finnish delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, I was also the Rapporteur for the General Committee on Political Affairs and Security.



Consider this: Even 45 % of Finland’s Gross National Product comes from export trade and a nearly 60 percent of Finland’s goods and services are exported to other EU countries. That’s just one reason why it’s so critical to maintain open borders and fluid pan-European trade.

Having spent my career in various demanding international roles, I’m well aware of the true meaning of the phrase “work life balance.” As the mother of four children, I know first hand the challenges that arrive when blending work and family life. As a member of the Espoo City Board and Council and as the Chairperson of the largest political group in the city, the National Coalition Party, my major focus has been in improving the lives of our children. My passion for improving the well-being of children and their families will continue.

Thanks to the strength of our educational system, we are raising the future leaders and innovators of Finland and Europe. My aim is to continue to support the backbone of our economic success: our children.

  • Speaks five languages
  • Four children
  • Nearly two decades leadership experience
  • Member of City Council in Espoo since 2005
  • Member of the Parliament of Finland 2011-2015

For more information, please see my full CV here.


The pan-European excellence community comprises of 28 countries. Each country has a centre of excellence. The one in Finland was established in 1966 and is called Laatukeskus Excellence Finland. I was its Managing Director from March 2006 until April 2011 (when I became MP).

Compared to most other countries in the world, Excellence Finland is considered as forerunner of excellence and innovations. The Finnish visions regarding the competitiveness of European countries and companies are highly appreciated in many international seminars, or whenever the European excellence professionals meet. This interview was made in summer 2010, when I visited UK.

Click here to read the interview. And learn more about Laatukeskus Excellence Finland at www.laatukeskus.fi.